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A Light Within

Intuitive Healing for the Soul

Image by Kira auf der Heide

Who I Am

I am an intuitive healer and wellness coach who uses a combination of clairvoyance and energy healing to help you heal, find clarity and align with your soul's true purpose. I have also studied and trained in past life regression therapy, psychology, Ayurvedic massage, astrology, reiki, shamanic healing, herbalism and flower essence therapy.

What I Do

I work with a combination of guides, ascended masters, elementals and angels to bring the highest possible vibration to your healing.  My experience as a psychic and healer enables me to channel higher energies into the room, bringing peace and love with each healing.  Whatever needs to be released will be released. That is the beauty of energy work, there is no effort.  With over 15 years working as a healer in the field of wellness, I am here to use my experience and intuition to help you raise your vibration and achieve your wellness related goals and dreams.

Intuitive Psychic Reading

Energy Healing

Past Life Regression

Angel Card/Tarot Readings

Wellness Coaching

Meditation 1-to-1

What Clients Say

"I've had many readings with other intuitive readers but I have to say Erin has been the best. She is completely heart-centered, neutral and non-judgemental. You can feel the power she has within and it's apparent this is a natural gift she has to give to the world. Erin is so clear "seeing" it is incredible. Her accuracy and guidance are a gift from God. After my readings (I have had many with Erin), I feel relaxed, focused, loved, free and empowered. She is a gift and I am grateful to have her insight and guidance in my corner when I am not able to see parts of my journey clearly."

Amy Roth, Indiana, USA


"Follow what lights you up and you'll light up the world."

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