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About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have considered myself a healer. It is something I have always known I can do and feels as natural as breathing. As a teenager it translated into an interest in psychology. As a young adult in my twenties, it brought me into the world of intuitive arts and meditation that I continue to use today.

So what exactly does a clairvoyant reading and healing entail? To break it down, it involves seeing you, the soul that you are, in all of your beauty and magnificence. I also see the not so beautiful too, but that is the reason for you coming to see me as well. Many people desire clarity. Clarity about many things...relationships, health, finances, career. Those are the primary topics I am asked to read as a clairvoyant. My purpose is to help you uncover your own truths. What you really want, what you really need. While I am unable to give advice, I do act as a guide to help you find your way so that you remain the one in ownership of your power and potential. 

Not enough scientific study has been done on the effects of meditation and energy healing on the brain, body and emotions. There is so much within us wanting to be explored and understood. As energy, the language is quite simple and I see everything around you translated into an energetic picture. Sometimes these pictures are as basic as you tending a beautiful garden or standing in the shadow of another person. So what happens when I see these pictures? Many body sensations and emotional reactions occur, such as spontaneous tears, laughter, tiredness, goosebumps, chills, yawning…for example. Sometimes one feels a rush of energy up the spine (kundalini) or a complete opening at the crown chakra, connecting to Divine light and love. There is so much that happens when you start to clear and release energy and it is all so personal to you. The absolute joy of it is the connection you have back to who you are and that is in itself the most remarkable and healing part of the journey we take together in a reading/healing. The art of clairvoyance is a beautiful thing to experience. It is also an intimate experience. To have someone you don't know see who you really are can be frightening. It can be exhilarating. It can be mind blowing. And sometimes it can be outright infuriating. My job as a healer is to take you to the places you may not want to go. This is where the healing happens.

So what can you expect In a typical session? To simplify it, I sit down with you to discuss the issues you might have. Then I spend up to an hour tuning into your energetic vibration and receiving information about you. The last part of the session involves 30 minutes of energy healing. Once I have a sense of who you are and where the energetic issues are located, I can advise you if you need any additional sessions or coaching to help you along your way.

It is my hope that I can be of service and help you find your own truth as I have found mine.

Education and Certifications

BA in Fine Art and Design, Florida State University, USA

Minors in creative writing, psychology and nutrition therapy

InVision, Chicago, USA

Over three years of accumulative, intense training at InVision, a school for intuitive healing with certifications in dream work, clairvoyance, energetic healing and meditation.

Reiki Certification, San Diego, CA, USA
Usui reiki levels 1 and 2, Tera Mai
Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Certification, San Diego, CA, USA 
Angelic healing

Massage Therapy, Brandon Raynor School of Massage, London, UK

Ayurvedic massage apprenticeship, The Samadhi Centre, Dublin, IE
Learned a great deal about Ayurveda and the doshas.

Online certifications in herbalism, plant spirit medicine, astrology, past life regression therapy and crystal healing

Extensive research and personal study in mantra meditation, kundalini yoga, pranayama, homeopathy, flower essences and therapeutic essential oils

Image by Casey Horner

My Philosophy

We all need support. Sometimes all we need is just knowing someone sees us for who we really are behind the mask or illusion. Our true spirit, our soul, shines brighter than we realise. It is only our external energetic debris that shutters our light. By becoming aware of the energies that we find disharmonious, we can elevate ourselves to make the necessary positive changes in our lives. In other words, awareness gives us the metaphorical wings to elevate our state of being to new heights. There is no bar. There is only possibility. By resisting our brilliance, we shut off the light. We can just as easily turn the light back on. Ultimately we have the power. The power to grow. The power to love. The power to begin again if need be. This is the essence of our soul. Freedom.

Benefits of Intuitive Healing

  • Decrease in stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, irritability, fatigue, discomfort, boredom, lack of purpose 

  • Increase in happiness, clarity, health, memory, connection, overall wellbeing, creativity, love, passion, sense of purpose, joie de vivre     

Many of us are looking for a way to let go of something that is causing us pain. That burden can be a variety of things individual to you. My job as an intuitive healer is to see what you are holding and to help you let go of whatever is causing you discomfort. I see energetic blockages as stuck energy, or energy not in movement. Once you allow your energy the space to heal, things start to flow once again. It is as easy as letting go!

There are many reasons for blockages in the energetic system. For example, your energy might be unable to flow properly because you are in a job where you are under pressure, bullied or undervalued. By discovering the reason and the location of the blockage, I am able to help you allow your energy to start flowing again. While this doesn't change the overall job situation immediately, it does help to clear your energy so that positive changes can be made. You may find that your coworkers respond to you differently or that other job opportunities arise as a result of you healing the energetic issue.

So much is happening in our world today. It can be overwhelming and intense. We are complex beings living in a fast pasted world with high expectations to be and do everything. It is easy to lose connection to the earth and ancient wisdom, to the cosmos and the Divine. By connecting back to God and to our higher self, we start to feel better. The small things don't bother us so much and we start to heal.

The purpose of my sessions are to help you ease the burden, to feel lighter in yourself and to guide you towards finding your answers so that you can take the necessary steps to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Sometimes all we need is someone who understands our energetic language and who can be a lighthouse in the fog.

With dedication to manifesting our dreams, compassion for humanity and connection to ourselves and each other, we can elevate our consciousness so that the dimmer aspects of our inner world are not centre stage in our minds and hearts. 

I look forward to working with you! 


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