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A Wave of Emotions

The full moon can sometimes create a turbulent storm inside me, of emotions, of fears, of insecurities all causing havoc on my preferred state of calm. Amber Rae, who wrote "Choose Wonder Over Worry," did a podcast where she spoke a little about emotions, saying we should try to think of them like clouds passing in a storm, seeing them as transient rather than fixed. I tend to think of the anxiety I sometimes feel as just anxiety and not “my” anxiety. I feel it and then I move on. It can be uncomfortable but I don’t push it away. I watch it, observing its effect on me. I see where it goes... does it lead to a person, an experience, a memory, a situation? I become the curious observer, sitting with the emotions, watching. There is always a story to be told. Like a boat, tethered to the ocean floor. Letting the waves move up and down, taking the boat on a journey but not getting lost at sea.

And there are some days I lose my boat if I’m honest. It happens. Life can be stressful. But I always end up finding the boat, intact and wondering what freak wave inspired it’s adventure.

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