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Taking Care of Your Body During Challenging Times

My son and I have a game. Whenever one of us is feeling bad, we have an imaginary button above our heart we push to reset. I’ve been resetting a lot lately. And especially with this Virgo full moon. 

It’s easy to keep on experiencing a certain situation or situations without checking in with our body. Our bodies handle so much energy. At the moment fear is circumnavigating the globe. Check in with your body. Listen to it. What does it need? Now is the time to really honour the vessel that carries your soul. Give your body good food, exercise, sunshine, water and rest. Then reset. Fear always makes things look worse than they actually are. We have the strength within to transform ourselves by choosing not to react to fear. The simplest way to start is to notice what fear does to our body. How does our body react? What emotions come up? What thoughts? Be mindful and then disengage. Fear loves a good drama. It loves a stage to rehearse, to practice what fearful events might happen. Don’t give it attention. Notice it and then let it go. We can change our reaction to fear by deciding not to listen and focusing our intent to let go of the darkness and open up to the light.

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